Hello! Below is a list of questions that you may have. If you have more, please get in touch below.

Who is playing? Will the lineup be communicated?
No. We want this experience to be full of wonder and surprise. Follow your feet and always trust that you will be right where you are supposed to be.
Do I have to arrive on time?
Yes, ideally you are there from latest 2pm each day.
Can I bring any type of bags?
We kindly ask you to not bring bags bigger than a classic gym bag size. We have a cloak room with extra fee operating at the Help Desk close to the Festival Grounds for additional small personal belongings. We also advise you to leave all your valuable belongings at home as also any items which can influence the safety of others.
Are all areas barrier free accessible?
There are 3 out of 7 stages which can’t be accessed without using stairs. The general grounds are barrier free accessible. Please contact us prior to your ticket purchase.
Can I bring a camera?
We will have film and camera teams recording everything. Professional camera equipment is not allowed on site. We would kindly ask you not to use your phone during performances.
Is there any camping ground or overnight option?
No, there is no option provided for you to stay overnight on or close to the festival grounds included in your ticket.
Can I bring my children?
Yes. The event is equally day and night time. Children under the age of 10 enter for free, children from 10 to 18 at 50%. Children under 16 are only allowed access together with their parent or a legal guidance, who are responsible for their well-being.
Will there be day tickets?
Closer to the date we will release a small amount of day tickets mainly for Berlin locals, who cannot make both days.
Can I bring food and drinks?
You can bring one 1.5 liter PET bottle with non-alcoholic drinks to the grounds. In terms of food: We will have plenty of food options available at all times. So please leave your lunch boxes at home. If you or your children require a special diet due to health condition please check in at our Help Desk prior to accessing the Festival Ground.
How do I get there and back?
The best way to Funkhaus Nalepastrasse 18 in Berlin is to go by bike along the River Spree or by boat from East Side Gallery (see ticket sale), or by public transport. It is 15 min by bike or Tram ride from Ostkreuz train station.
Will there be a guest list and press accreditation?
Each artist will have a guest list of 2. apart from that, there is no guest list or press accreditation. Everyone is participating.
Payments on festival ground
We are operating a cashless Payment System which you can top up on the Festival Grounds with all common credit cards, EC cards or cash. Please note there is no cash machine close to the area.
General Safety
We carry the domestic authority for the entire Festival Grounds. We will not accept any violent or extreme expressions in any direction influencing the cause of the event and its visitors. The are no claim options if you have been declined access or been removed from the grounds if you violate any of those topics. Further Details covering the topic Safety - please take out of our AGB´s.
Can I share my weekend ticket with someone?
Yes, at the registration desk on Day 1 you will be able to pick up a second bracelet for Day 2 in exchange for yours.
Is there a timetable of performances?
Yes and no. From 2pm till 8pm the audience will be divided into 2 groups. Those 2 groups will do a swap per hour from indoor studio performances to outdoor open field performances. From 8pm on everyone will go to the main PEOPLE stage.

Thank you!


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